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This website is created as a part of one of my M.Sc Digital Marketing project. It has been designed to focus on mental wellbeing and little help to find a way to divert your mind from negative thoughts. The reason for choosing mental wellbeing is because it is a very sensitive and important issue. Unfortunately, no one wants to talk about this issue. We all been through stress, depression at some point in our lives or on a daily basis for different reasons. The concept of Sail Away is driven from personal, friends and family's life experiences. This concept simply suggests that one should sail away as far as possible from the known and potential life storms with dignity, self-respect, confidence and belief, creating as big distance as possible from the problems cause unnecessary stress. This may mean doing the things that relax you, enjoying the activities and things you value the most. For example, some people like travelling, reading, watching a movie, volunteer work or helping others etc. For me, the way of sailing away from stress is, get into cooking.


Therefore, on this website, I will share some basic Indian recipes for people to try cooking as stress therapy.  I have also created  #justforalaugh  challenge to support the campaign called “how we feel matters!” for mental wellbeing awareness.  Another way to deal with mental well being is to speak to someone, friend, family or you can seek confidential counselling sessions to help to with negative thoughts.

Meet Anita, who is a professional therapist. Anita has graduated with B. A (Hons) Psychology and Sociology, a postgraduate level diploma in CBT Therapy. Anita is a dedicated individual who has been supporting people for their mental wellbeing.  She has her own therapy centre in Glasgow called AK Therapy at Regus Building, 69  Buchanan Street- G1 3HL. 


Professional Therapist

B.A (Hons)Psychology and Sociology

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