Basic- Masala Mutton Raan (Spicy Mutton Leg)

Hello again

Thank you very much for looking at my previous blogs and for your positive feedback. I am glad that you find the blog useful. Today I am going to demonstrate how to make Masala Mutton Raan  (Spicy Mutton Leg).

Just to remind you again, this blog is just a basic method of cooking authentic Indian cuisine and is for my friends who do not have any experience of cooking Indian food. These methods and use of ingredients have been used in Indian Sub-continent for centuries well before and after the partition (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh). I am using the word Indian cuisine referring to the basic methods of cooking. I am aware each region in the Indian Sub-continent including Pakistan will have its own slight variation in using ingredients and combination for their local cooking.


·         Mutton Leg Fresh

·         Turmeric Powder – ¼ tsp

·         Red Chili 1 tsp

·         Ground Coriander Powder 1 tsp

·         Salt 3 tsp (as per taste)

·         Cumin seeds 1 tsp

·         Black peppers ½ tsp

·         Cloves only 3 pieces (very strong)

·         Punch Masala: (Fenny greek, fennel, mustard seeds) 1 ½ tsp

·         Green Cardamom 2 seeds

·         Garlic 4 cloves

·         Ginger 1inch piece to make a paste

·         Plain Yogurt 2 Spoon


Roast punch masala and other spices (green cardamom seeds, black peppers, cumin seeds, cloves) together in a small pan on a high heat until you hear popping sound and all the spices are swollen in size, especially, cardamom and cloves. The difference is visible in the video between before and after roasting, it takes about 30 seconds. The spices will release wonderful aroma, turn off the heat and let them cool down.

Ideally, all the roasted spices should be ground in mortar and pestle because it helps to release oil and nice aroma. But I am using a grinder. Grind the roasted spices then add garlic and ginger cloves, grind them again with all the ground spices to make into a paste. Add 2 spoon yogurt in a bowl then mix all the ground spices in the yogurt.

Take the mutton leg, remove excess fat, make cuts evenly and apply the yogurt and spices pastes all over the mutton leg evenly. The longer the leg is left marinated it will always give good taste. Usually, it is left for 48 hours and you can leave it in the freezer for a week too.

Preheat the oven on full heat for 15 minutes (heating is different on gas and electricity cooker) then put marinated mutton leg with foil on (up to you if you want to cover with tin foil or not) in the oven on slow heat 150 degree on electric cooker for an hour until it is coming out of the bones.  Keep checking after 30 mins. Once you are sure its cooked, take out from oven and Basic-Masala Mutton Raan is ready! 

Bon appetit!!

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