Rangeen Terka Chawal (Coloured-Rice)

Hello friends,

Hope life is treating you all good. Here I am again with my another blog and thank you very much for your great response to my previous blogs. Are you all ready? As promised, today I will demonstrate how to make Rangeen Terka Chawal.  Please remember again there are several ways of making authentic traditional Indian Rangeen Terka Chawal (coloured rice) but I am making it in a basic way for my friends who never cooked Indian food before.

So let's start...

To cook Rangeen Terka Chawal, you need...


· Rice 2 mugs

· Salt 4 Tsp

· Food colour ½ Tsp

· Onion ½

· Oil 1 serving spoon

· Cumin seeds 1 Tsp


Add 2 cups of basmati rice in a pot then wash the rice and add water (about ½ of the pot is filled with water) place the pot on the cooker on full heat. Add salt and let it boil. Once you see the water is warm enough and ready to start boiling then add ½ tsp food colour in the pot with rice. Let it boil, once the rice starts boiling- low the heat and let it cook for 7 - 10 minutes. Then drain the water when the rice has a couple of bites transfer the rice back in the pot. Slice half an onion, add 1 serving spoon oil in a saucepan let it heat then add sliced onion, 1tbs cumin seeds. Once the onion begins to change colour into golden brown pour it all on the top of rice and stir. Rangeen Terka Chawal is ready and enjoy.

Bon appetit!!

If you find this blog useful or you try the recipe please do leave your comment here!

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